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Discount Acid Cigars

Discount Acid Cigars

Acid cigars were introduced by Drew Estate, the company that has always moved forward with the notion “Work hard, play hard”.

The hard work done by the people behind Drew Estate really shows because the brand which was started by a bunch of no-name cigar smokers came up with a unique blend of cigars and produced them under the name ACID. What we see today is a brand name that is proud of its achievements.

These cigars are best known for the unsurpassed quality and consistency they offer. Acid has introduced several lines in the market to satisfy its customers and you are bound to find a couple of cigars to suit your taste in them. The Acid Blue Cigar line, Red cigar line, Gold cigar line and Purple cigar line have distinguishing characteristics of their own which will definitely leave you mesmerized.

If aroma is not your cup of tea, then opt for an Acid One cigar which contains none. And if uniqueness is something you are looking for, the Acid Wafe is a cigar that you can give a try.

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