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Discount Foundry Cigars

Discount Foundry Cigars

Think mad scientists. Pioneers. Cigar guys who love cigars, intent on shaking up the world of cigars. Throw away any notions of corporate suits and conventional approaches. This is Foundry Tobacco Company. It’s provocative. And it’s here to stay.

Last year, it was Foundry. A blend that was nothing like any other cigar you’ve ever smoked. All gears and invention. Tobaccos shrouded in just the right amount of mystery.

Enter War of Currents. Foundry’s first extension. Sparked by the two new frontmarks and four small batch cigars inspired by a scientific war waged by intellectual titans. Edison vs. Tesla. DC vs. AC. Move over Wells and Cayley...

Next was Compounds, Elements, and Musings. Twelve small batches. Eighteen exotic blends. Multiple blends in a single box. Inspired by the periodic table...a study in contrasts and complexities. Limited edition, with just two full-time blends. Made from the finest tobaccos. And born of the elements.

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