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Alec Bradley Mundial Cigars

Alec Bradley Mundial Cigars

Alan Rubin, founder of the Alec Bradley Cigar Company, wanted to call his latest cigar ‘Mundial’ for nearly five years before the stars finally aligned and the perfect blend came together; it was well worth the wait. 

The intriguing, distinctive tobacco combination Rubin decided upon is made from four distinct fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua; plentiful ligero leaves from both of these countries serve as a binder and give the cigar its unique, exciting full-bodied flavor. Each of these beauties is hand-rolled in the classically sumptuous Alec Bradley Criollo 98 Trojes wrapper and formed with a pointed shape, known as the Punta Lanza – or “point of the lance”. 

When you light up an Alec Bradley Mundial cigar, you’ll notice the cedar, chocolate and mild peppery notes as the ligero leaves add body and formidable strength to the flavor.