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Casa de Ortez Cigars

Discount Casa de Ortez Cigars Online for Sale

Named after their creator, Omar Ortez, the Casa De Ortez is a budget-friendly cigar that comes in two very unique styles. However, one thing remains true throughout both: each and every Casa De Ortez cigar is crafted with a smooth Indonesian binder and a rich mixture of aged long fillers for an authentic, handmade flavor at an affordable price. 

This is where the choices come in! On one hand, the Casa de Ortez Ecuadorian Cubano cigar is a medium to full-bodied smoke. Named after its rich, shiny wrapper, you’ll also notice subtle hints of spice. If you want a little more punch, this is Casa De Ortez cigar for you. 

On the other hand, you have the Casa de Ortez Connecticut. This high-quality smoke has been called the best affordable cigar on the market – and we think you’ll agree. In contrast to the Ecuadorian Cubano’s heartiness, the Connecticut’s more on the medium to mild-bodied side, boasting creamy draws. No matter your preference, the Casa De Ortez is a flavorful, handmade smoke perfect for any time of day.

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