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Hoyo De Monterrey Certified Vintage 2002 Cigars

Hoyo De Monterrey Certified Vintage 2002 Cigars

If you’re a real cigarphile, you’re no doubt aware that, a few years back, a special edition of Hoyo de Monterrey was released to celebrate the 75th birthday of Estelo Padrón. Before the first of these beautiful cigars ever reached a smoker’s lips, Estelo’s brother Orlando sued General Cigar, claiming confusion over the name Padrón, which was written in microscopic letters on the box. All of the boxes that had already been made were recalled and a little sticker was put over the name Padrón so that the box read “Estelo 75th Anniversary.” Of course, box production stopped dead in its tracks. But… there were a lot of already-made cigars that ended up taking one hell of a nap in Cofradia, Honduras. As a result, we got a real healthy supply of these particular cigars in both EMS and maduro wrappers.

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