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La Aurora Barrel Aged Cigars

La Aurora Barrel Aged Cigars

The La Aurora Barrel Aged series was created by placing premium-quality aged tobacco in old oak barrels that, at one time, held Dominican rum. Sounds good, right? Well, after spending four years aging in these special oak barrels, the tobaccos are expertly hand-rolled into some of the richest-tasting cigars you’ll ever smoke. 

Immediately upon lighting, you’ll taste sweet spice and, upon exhale, subtle hints of that aged rum. Further along, the premium tobacco blend displays deep, earthy flavors of mocha accented with more sweet spice to saturate smokers’ palates all the way down to the very top of the band. It is a slow-burning cigar that is perfectly rolled, making the Barrel Aged line yet another stunning success from La Aurora, the Dominican Republic’s oldest cigar factory.

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