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MoyaRuiz The Chinese Finger Trap Cigars

MoyaRuiz The Chinese Finger Trap Cigars

Handmade in the La Zona factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, The Chinese Finger Trap is a premium limited edition release by MoyaRuiz and packaged just like those old novelty Chinese finger traps found in every candy store. The blend details are an ancient Chinese secret that can only be found in a single fortune cookie out of 86 billion distributed around the world. Rumor has it that the lucky recipient of said cookie will take full ownership of the company (or not).  Wherever this top-quality mystery blend came from, it sure created one heckuva’ fantastic smoke! The cigar is medium body in strength; it burns great, and is loaded with deep yummy flavors that include, spice, roasted nuts, leather, and toast.

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