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MUWAT by Drew Estate Cigars

MUWAT by Drew Estate Cigars

Discount MUWAT by Drew Estate Cigars Online for Sale

The MUWAT (My Uzi Weighs a Ton...and, yes, there is also an old Public Enemy song by the same name) has quickly become a very popular cigar, and with good reason. A solidly packed medium-to-full-bodied smoke with lots of flavor, MUWAT is the first collaboration between Drew Estate’s Subculture line and Joya de Nicaragua. The blend was created by Jonathan Drew and rolled at the JdN factory.

The MUWAT is a densely filled cigar with a perfect burn and draw. There’s plenty of thick, flavorful smoke from both the foot and the draw. Bold but not too strong in body, this is an interesting smoke with licorice and semisweet chocolate notes punctuating the deep, earthy tobaccos in its complex recipe. The finish is clean and hangs in there for a few moments before it’s gone, as if readying your taste buds for the next wave. The MUWAT has enough flavor to please the experienced smoker, but is smooth enough for the relatively new cigar fan looking to take it to the next level.