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Servi Meerschaum Pipes

Servi Meerschaum Pipes

Servi are the makers of the finest hand-carved block Meerschaum pipes and cigarette holders imported from Turkey. Meerschaum is a porous mineral mined outside of the Turkish city of Eskisehir. Servi carvers and artisans transform these blocks of raw material into elegant shapes and intricately carved designs.

Unlike briar pipes, you won’t need to break in your Meerschaum or worry about caking. You may smoke your Meerschaum many times a day, as there is no need to dry it out after use. Meerschaum is the perfect material for a cool, dry smoke, adding no additional flavor to your fine tobacco blend. Handle your pipe with care and clean hands. When cool you may clean the outside of your pipe with a soft cloth containing a drop of light alcohol solution. Lightly ream your pipe stem with a pipe cleaner.

Servi Meerschaum’s most fantastic characteristic is its gradual process of changing color from bone white to a rich golden brown. Each pipe colors at various speeds and shades according to the uniqueness of the Meerschaum block, the type of tobacco you smoke, and your own particular smoking habits. Sizes, styles and designs all vary and are approximate as each Servi Meerschaum pipe is a handmade work of art.

More About Meerschaum

Meerschaum Pipes are the elite tobacco smoking pipes. Meerschaum has been used for the creation of pipe tobaccos dating back to the 1700s. In the 1800s, captivating meerschaum pipes were produced in many countries in Europe, including Switzerland, Vienna, and Germany. To date, all meerschaum pipes are produced in Turkey, near the city of Eskisehir in the plains west of the capital Ankara.

Why choose Meerschaum over others that are made of corncob, briar or other material?

Meerschaum pipes color as you use it. As the byproducts and tar are absorbed, they are drawn to the surface by the beeswax coating and colors over time.

Meerschaum does not flavor your tobacco. If you are trying a new tobacco or want to know what a specific blend tastes like, the Meerschaum pipe is the only to "speak the truth" rather than adding taste or aroma like briar or other woods.

Meerschaum does not burn. You can smoke a variety of tobaccos without polluting or muddling the taste and aroma of your pipe tobacco.

A porous material is used to create every Meerschaum pipe. This will give you a cleaner smoke since the undesirable by-products of burning tobacco leaves are absorbed by the stone.

Because Meerschaum is a light-weight stone, it is a very light pipe to hold by mouth or in your hand.